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Partnerships with Doctors & Attorneys


Since 2002 various doctors have partnered with Marriage Mentors in such way as to both increase the improved health outcomes of their practice and support the mission of Marriage Mentors.

Do you utilize a holistic approach in your practice, encouraging patients to make healthy choices in diet, exercise, and mental/spiritual health areas?

If so, why not add to that robust approach encouragement in the family health arena, helping them make choices that strengthen their family life? As a physician, you know how research now shows that relationship dysfunction impacts a patient’s physiological and mental health in significant ways.

Consider joining with other Michiana physicians who refer patients who have confided in them about marital problems to our marriage mentor program. Here is what one such couple says about having completed the program as a result of their doctor’s referral: “Based on a scale of 1 to 10, our marriage was a 3 prior to the mentorship, a 7 afterwards, and is currently a 9!”

That statement was made several years ago; I recently bumped in to the wife at a retail store; with a big smile, she commented that they were still doing great.

All you have to do, really, to effectively partner with us, is to keep a few of my biz cards in your exam rooms. Then, at strategic moments when dots between marital discord and health issues are being connected, hand one to a patient, encouraging him/her to visit our website.

I will of course gladly keep you supplied with business cards.

Call or email me: 574-651-7627; to discuss this exciting opportunity for your practice.



We at Marriage Mentors recognize your need as an attorney to apply your own approach to how you handle prospective clients that come to you about a failing marriage and who are considering divorce.

What we ask for you to consider is what one attorney and Marriage Mentors Board of Directors member does. He partners with our crisis intervention marriage mentor program by simply asking his prospective client this question: “Do you feel there is any way your marriage might yet be saved?”

If their answer is anything but a firm negative, he simply hands them my biz card and say something like: “Although I remain available to you for legal counsel, you may want to consider the program this organization offers for potentially helping save your marriage.  If you like, just check out their website and see what you think about it.”

I have to believe that such an action will not harm your business, but will actually enhance it. That is the very type of attorney many people are looking for when needing legal counsel for a variety of reasons. I will gladly keep you supplied with rack cards.

Call or text me: 574-651-7627; email me through this website to discuss this exciting opportunity for your practice. Paul Spasic Director, Marriage Mentors.