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What Are We Committing to As Marriage Mentors?

What Are We Committing to As Marriage Mentors?

Without exception, couples who choose to become marriage mentors with our organization are couples whose "ministry plate" tends to be already full.  That is because couples who make good marriage mentors also make good elders, deacons, small group leaders, youth/children's ministry helpers, men's/women's ministry leaders, volunteers for _________, and...well, you get the idea.  So, let me be clear as to exactly what you would be adding to your plate should you become a Marriage Mentors mentor couple.  You would be comitting to:

  1. A one-time training, somewhere near you, on a Saturday from 9AM to 3:45PM.
  2. Then, once I match you up with a mentee couple from somewhere in our four county Michiana service area, you commit to doing at least six, 90 minute sessions with them.

That's it!  Those 90 minute sessions can be anywhere from one per week to one per month--your preference.  Furthermore, when I contact you asking you if you can take on a certain mentee couple, if the timing is bad for you to do so, you simply tell me that and I pass you up and get another mentor couple.  Sound interesting?  Shoot me an email via the Contact Us page and let's talk about it!

For additional details, hover your cursor over the Get Involved tab on the home page and click on the first option in the drop down box--Become a Marriage Mentor.

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