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Marriage Strengthening Tip #7, The Easiest Way to Weaken Your Marriage

Marriage Strengthening Tip #7, The Easiest Way to Weaken Your Marriage

After forty-one years of marriage, I have decided that the easiest thing I can do to weaken my relationship with my wife is to simply take her for granted.  This of course goes both ways, for the husband or wife.  Here is how that works; I call it the eclipse factor.  We get so focused on what our spouse may be doing wrong or inadequately that it "eclipses" all that is good about them.  Sound familiar?  Once that skewed focus remains in place a while, we begin to take for granted the sizable list of things about them that are a blessing.  Those might be things like putting up with our weaknesses and inadequacies, being a good parent, fidelity, and working hard, just to name a few.  You can very likely add to the list if you sit down and take even a few moments to do so.

So, how to avoid the eclipse?  It's actually quite simple: once a day (or so) recite to yourself the things on that list and, if you are a praying person, sincerely thank the Lord for them.  If you are not particularly a praying person, I recommend that you become one so that you can engage in the best way to strengthen your marriage.  More about that in Marriage Strengthening Tip #8!

Whatever the case, consider participating in one of our marriage mentorships as doing so will definitely help you avoid taking your spouse for granted!

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