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Marriage Strengthening Tip # 2: Prioritize!

Marriage Strengthening Tip # 2: Prioritize!

Let’s be honest, when we all come to the end of our life, what really matters is the relationship we’ve had with those who mean the most to us (a relationship with our Creator being most important).  Stuff, money, experiences, and most all else don’t mean squat in comparison.  (Accomplishments do count, if they involve truly making a difference in the lives of others). 

But really, who do you want around your death bed?  As far as human relationships: your spouse, your kids, their kids, and a best friend or two. 

So, prioritize your life according to that exact list!  Put your spouse first, your kids and grandkids second, your friends third, and work hard to not allow the order of those three to change.  Make sure work, money, hobbies, insecurities, and especially marital strife do not interfere with allowing your spouse to become 2nd or 3rd in priority of relationships. 

For most husbands that boils down to prioritizing her over work and hobbies.  For most wives it means prioritizing him over kids and friends.  We can justify or rationalize anything, but the person you must convince that they are number one is your spouse!

Want help to know how to do that?  Consider doing one of our marriage mentorships.  Go to the contact page and shoot me an email today!  It’s top priority!

Paul Spasic
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