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Marriage Strengthening Tip # 1: Simply Ask, “What Can I Do to Help?”

Marriage Strengthening Tip # 1: Simply Ask, “What Can I Do to Help?”

Want a guaranteed way to improve the quality of your marriage by the end of the week?  Every 24-48 hours, simply ask your spouse the “magic question”: What can I do to help you today?  The entire merchandising world and service industry know the value of that question which is why the person selling you the product or providing you the service often says, How may I help you?  The assumption in a question like that is, I am here to serve you and want to do so.  Are you in your marriage to serve your spouse?  According to a statement Jesus made in Mark’s gospel (9:35), we should be in that we are called to be the “servant of all”. 

Now, guys, I have to be honest and say that our wives too often get this a little better than we do because they see serving their family as multi-faceted whereas we tend to limit it to simply providing (which is of course huge, but not all there is to it).  Ladies, on the other hand, “serving” your husband might in fact include showing respect to him in ways you tend to avoid doing.  Husbands and wives both have a lot of room to grow here.  Meanwhile, just ask the magic question every 24-48 hours and see what happens.  You may be very pleasantly surprised!

Would you like to really make some progress in this and other areas of your marriage?  If so, consider doing one of our marriage mentorships.  The program is not just for marriages in real trouble, although those marriages especially benefit from it.  It is for any couple who wants to take it to the next level.  View the video in the right hand column on this page entitled Marriage Strengthening and Crisis Intervention and then contact me for more details.

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